KM Project

We help people harness their inherent creativity for greater social impact, healthier communication, and conflict transformation. 

We believe that creativity is a catalyst for these positive changes when we allow curiosity to transform the fear that accompanies risk and uncertainty. Whether we are working with social entrepreneurs, NGOs, schools, community groups, or corporate clients, our goal is to facilitate a space for curiosity—one that is adaptable and sensitive to the relational complexity of diverse teams and community. By utilizing artistic techniques, we engage in play to build social emotional skills, promote connection and understanding, and inspire innovation. As a result, learning to harness creativity leads to more sustainable solutions, greater self-awareness, and better communication skills. 

Our Values

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Equity
  • Communication
  • Commitment 
  • Accountability 

What We Offer

Through standalone workshops, creative team retreats, and tailored coaching, we focus on the synergy between deep listening and voice that gives way to conflict transformation and significant shifts in perspective.  

Learning with the KM Project is based on a range of methods, from emergent facilitation and design thinking to theater and psychodrama. Much of our work is grounded in the practice of storytelling, and in developing and integrating new narratives into our personal and professional lives. We also help you identify what’s holding you back and how to change your relationship with failure.